It was a pleasure discussing best practices and personal mastery with Stephen Woessner on Onward Nation.  As a thank you for listening, I want to share what gave me daily inspiration toward escaping the rat race.

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10 Things I Am Going to Do Today to Escape the Rat Race

When I was employed in the corporate world, I dreamed of escaping the rat race.  I knew it would not be easy, and I would need to make progress toward my goal each and every day.  Then, one day I ran across a post on Robert Kiyosaki's Real Estate Blog, and it really resonated with me.  I added a background photo, and I hung it on on my bathroom mirror, so I could see it and be inspired each day.  My hope is it encourages you as well. 

10 Things I Am Going to Do Today to Escape the Rat Race will remind you:

  • Success is just as much about your character as it is about effort;
  • Draw on the inspiration of others, because you will encounter setbacks;
  • Procrastination is a self-inflicted stress, which you have complete control over;
  • Never stop learning—learning leads to action, and action leads to success.

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