I had the best ever time with fellow multifamily investor, Joe Fairless, on his podcast: Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever.  As a thank you for listening, I'm pleased to share some tips which should help you accelerate the returns on your multifamily property.

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10 "Not so obvious" ways to boost your Multifamily property noi

I share these tips with you out of 12+ years as an active real estate investor.  I’ve acquired and successfully managed dozens of residential and multifamily properties across the United States with an average cash-on-cash return greater than 20% in the first year.  Every single rental property I have acquired has been cash flow positive within the first year, so you can trust me when I tell you, these tips will work. 

10 "Not So Obvious" Ways to Boost Your Multifamily Property NOI will reveal:

  • How the value of your multifamily property is directly impacted by the Net Operating Income (NOI);
  • Your two most important business objectives when you own a multifamily property;
  • Multiple steps you can take to boost your NOI in your first year of ownership;
  • A simple way to prioritize your CapEx investments;
  • Plus, there is a surprise bonus at the end, which will supercharge your post-tax return.

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